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Thirteenth Grace
...the just attention encorages her
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26th-Apr-2009 08:13 pm(no subject)
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
From "overheard in New York"...

Six-year-old girl, with mace in hand: Look, mommy! A mace! Now I can hit unicorns and make them bleed. Death to unicorns!
Mom: That's great, honey.

Awesome Kids make my day.
20th-Apr-2009 12:16 pm(no subject)
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Went to see Lucas' film in a competition last night...and some comedy band called "Tripod" or something...whoever they are (lol).
Watch and rate Here you won't regret it.
5th-Apr-2009 08:51 pm(no subject)
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
I have the most amazingest people in my life...I know I say this heaps but I do.

"Ok Roz, what the fuck is it this time (you so-overly-happy-it's-annoying-freak)?" You ask....well, I have taken on another project on, a small one this time - a care package for a little girl who's having difficulty with her belief in faeries. She wants to believe, has an amazing time playing with them, but is at the age where people are getting to her and bringing down her game.
So in an attempt to prove that things don't have to be believed in (wether real or not) in order to enjoy them her mother wants to introduce her to me (and my drawings, stories etc). Since meeting me only sounds like a giant non-event in my mind I thought I'd make up a little parcel for her and asked some friends for ideas.

So far I have offer of crystals and books from an ex-fairy-stall market person, tips on fairy suppliers from my face-painting hero and supplier of all things body-art, reccomendations of music and offers of art-photos from various people....and I only recently sent the email.

All for a little girl none of us know. People have even asked for a follow up to know what I make and what happens with the girl.

The world is wonderful when people care about this sorta thing.
26th-Mar-2009 10:57 pm(no subject)
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
"And killing things is not so hard
It's hurting that's the hardest part
And when the wizard gets to me
I'm asking for a smaller heart"
~ 'Trout Heart Replica' Amanda Fucking Palmer.

It's one of those days where you think perhaps you're looking at life through a warped piece of glass (I was going to say 'through the bottom of a glass...but it implies intoxication rather than 'wonky' or 'inverted' view).
10th-Feb-2009 08:37 pm - Fires
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Please forgive any disjointedness, typos etc in the below - I am still trying to push through pain in my hand and wrist because I honestly can't stand anymore medical tests for a little while longer and the concept of not doing things that require that hand (like typing) is strange and forign to me (get off the computer?! NEVER!).

Not all that sure why I wrote this post...but I guess I just did.

It's all over the news, the internet and in every conversation ...but somehow it doesn't seem like it's happening nearby, or at all because I have that child-like belief that everything will turn out alright in the end - that no matter where they live all my friends will be just fine, simply because I can't fix it if they arn't and since I can't fix it it had better not break.... and it'd be so much easier to maintain that illusion, until you look out your windows and see the clouds of smoke.
Not until your dinner plans change because the restaurant you were going to go to doesn't exist anymore, or the cafe may not be there when friday rolls around, the roads here or there is suddenly roadblocked...It's like realising the edge of the map just got moved closer and so much is suddenly off the ends of the earth.
All those people and animals that were there are suddenly in life or death situations and it's all black.

So I do cry still when I watch the news, as I always am moved with disasters like these no matter where in the world they are...the news simplifies it, puts sympathy and such above all the other tangle of emotions, but TV is temporary...I know they'll stop showing these things when the fires stop....but when I see the smoke over the land it's so odd that I don't know exactly how to feel.

I'm listed and waiting for a time to give blood which y'all should do...if I can do it with my giant needlephobia you can all do it too...If not blood, cash or essential food/toiletries. Consider yourself encoraged.

I like that the taskforce to investigate the fires is called taskforce "Phoenix". I like the knowledge that the bush will grow back again (as that is what the Australian Bushland does...some of our species actually need fire to propergate, and gum trees basically shed their own kindling) that people will re-build, that there's research in to new building codes etc to make living in bushland safer. That the animals will return, just as they did every other bush fire. Phoenix is so appropriate.

And finally - finally I have something to respect Kevin Rudd for...and that's the small thing of not mincing words about the arsonist(s?). Mass Murderer(s?).
27th-Jan-2009 07:56 pm - RHD
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Today I packed my treats, donned my cherry-red top and bounced out the door to grandma's. I drew a rooster for a weathervane project and wheeled myself around in an old wheel chair while discussing the weather...infact I floated through most of the afternoon, fiddiling with this and that, sauntering in for meals at the long family table, wandering back out with their monsterous dog to go and do some such - I lost track of time.

Meg has always warned me not to go in to the back paddock at twilight. Never ever...night is ok, day is better....but sunset? That's a big no-no.

I wasn't even technically in the paddock - I was on the fenceline, fixing one of the whirly-gigs. There's a line of them you see, a whole line of bobbing, flapping wind-driven animated creatures that my grandfather made. Well I was straddle the fence - a fence I've climbed since I was tiny and with a wrench in one hand I was tending to a fat little man-figure walking a dog-figure when the wind stopped.
Stopped...not died down, stopped.
The sun had just dipped below the treeline and the world was plunged in to shadow. I looked around and thought nothing of it until the singing started.
Not brittney spears style...not pretty fairy style...wendy rule lotus-eaters style. Faint. I almost thought I was remembering some song stuck in my head.

Then something big, so big - and hunched appeared. Like nothing from no where, and started to walk across the paddock.
I am not a girly-girl, but I gave a cry and I guess I fell and hit my head. But I fell into the paddock. The thing must have heard me and I felt it's robes brush my face, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.

When I woke up it was dark, the dog was at my side, whimpering and licking my arm. I went inside and washed up for bed, but what I thought was a grease-stain or such just won't come off. I swear it's a symbol...
Picture here
20th-Jan-2009 08:30 pm - Granny update
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Thank you to all those lovely people and their well-wishes. My grandmother is doing quite well now. She's out of hospital and rehab (physical rehab, to get moving again...not drugs...lol - the image of my sweet lil' grandma as a drug pusher is hysterical) (great - now I can't stop giggiling) and doing well.
20th-Jan-2009 08:08 am - AFP
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Amanda Palmer - Ticketek page

And yes - I signed up to frontier touring (free though) just to get presale tickets. I know I'm broke-ish now....but *points* Amanda!
13th-Jan-2009 10:29 pm - Writer's Block: Tricky Questions
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?

To be honest I get a little tense - usually I get mildly annoyed as usually it's got the unsaid attachement of "I haven't been honest with you". I like to be told honestly and immediately if I've done something wrong or if a relationship isn't working and I almost cosider it dishonest communication if people have to prepare a speech just to tell me I've fucked up.
Obviously said people don't know me very well and think I'm some tender little tissue paper soul who can't handle news.

If however it's a genuine need to talk then it's ok...it's only when it's a 'prepare yourself...you're gonna cry' type thing that it's a little annoying.
9th-Dec-2008 06:07 pm(no subject)
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Christmas cards - who wants them? Email me at rozquin(at)hotmail(dot)com with your address or comment here (screened comments, no stress!).
Come one come all, with my many hospital visits it'll be nice to take some 'self' time and sit down to write to you.
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