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Thirteenth Grace
...the just attention encorages her
10th-Feb-2009 08:37 pm
from the wonderful <lj user="lady_sweetl
Please forgive any disjointedness, typos etc in the below - I am still trying to push through pain in my hand and wrist because I honestly can't stand anymore medical tests for a little while longer and the concept of not doing things that require that hand (like typing) is strange and forign to me (get off the computer?! NEVER!).

Not all that sure why I wrote this post...but I guess I just did.

It's all over the news, the internet and in every conversation ...but somehow it doesn't seem like it's happening nearby, or at all because I have that child-like belief that everything will turn out alright in the end - that no matter where they live all my friends will be just fine, simply because I can't fix it if they arn't and since I can't fix it it had better not break.... and it'd be so much easier to maintain that illusion, until you look out your windows and see the clouds of smoke.
Not until your dinner plans change because the restaurant you were going to go to doesn't exist anymore, or the cafe may not be there when friday rolls around, the roads here or there is suddenly roadblocked...It's like realising the edge of the map just got moved closer and so much is suddenly off the ends of the earth.
All those people and animals that were there are suddenly in life or death situations and it's all black.

So I do cry still when I watch the news, as I always am moved with disasters like these no matter where in the world they are...the news simplifies it, puts sympathy and such above all the other tangle of emotions, but TV is temporary...I know they'll stop showing these things when the fires stop....but when I see the smoke over the land it's so odd that I don't know exactly how to feel.

I'm listed and waiting for a time to give blood which y'all should do...if I can do it with my giant needlephobia you can all do it too...If not blood, cash or essential food/toiletries. Consider yourself encoraged.

I like that the taskforce to investigate the fires is called taskforce "Phoenix". I like the knowledge that the bush will grow back again (as that is what the Australian Bushland does...some of our species actually need fire to propergate, and gum trees basically shed their own kindling) that people will re-build, that there's research in to new building codes etc to make living in bushland safer. That the animals will return, just as they did every other bush fire. Phoenix is so appropriate.

And finally - finally I have something to respect Kevin Rudd for...and that's the small thing of not mincing words about the arsonist(s?). Mass Murderer(s?).
19th-Feb-2009 08:25 am (UTC)
*hugs* I know exactly how you feel. Dad nearly lost his house and they had to get evacuated from their place he just keeps on saying things like you are.

Love Claire xoxoxo
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